As we all know, Google always name Android new versions like Kitkat, Marshmello, Oreo etc. But this year it just got to numbers ie 12. Android 12 brings a big change in visuals, design and animations. Android 12 new features include big redesign, privacy, new Material You inspired UI.

Top 5 Android 12 new features


This is similar to linear regression but instead of having single dependent variable Y, we have multiple output variables. It may be written as,

Y = XB + U ,

where Y is a matrix with series of multivariate measurements (each column being a set of measurements on one of the dependent variables), X is a matrix of observations on independent variables that might be a design matrix (each column being a set of observations on one of the independent variables), B is a matrix containing parameters that are usually to be estimated. U is the regularisation factor.

Representing it in the old form,

Many of us have questions in our mind like what should I study for Google, Microsoft, Directi, Flipkart, and Amazon interviews if I have ample time.

Well, you should start by strengthening your programming language skills. Get a good grasp over a language syntax and library methods, preferably Java or…

In mathematics, a partition of a set is a grouping of its elements into non-empty subsets, in such a way that number of elements in the original set always equals to the sum of number of elements in each partition.

Equivalently, a family of sets P is a partition of…

This is a common question asked in the interviews that despite of better worst case performance of merge sort, quick-sort is considered better than merge sort, especially for a large input. There are certain reasons due to which quick-sort is better:

1- Auxiliary Space: Quick sort is an in-place sorting…

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